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If you know the name Jackass Flats, you probably associate it with bluegrass. While the band can still pick and grin with the best of them, they have also infused a long list of party classics new and old with their trademark twang, creating a phenomenon that we like to call... Partygrass.

What is partygrass, you ask? It starts with five of the most accomplished pickers Central
Virginia has to offer: Jackass Flats has won the Virginia State Bluegrass Championship and Best Americana/Jam Band at the Virginia Music Awards and has shared the stage with old-time luminaries such as Del McCoury and Ricky Skaggs. Having long proven themselves in the bluegrass world, they've set out to be the foremost good-time acoustic party band, adding grass-fed renditions of pop, modern and classic rock songs to their repertoire and a cocktail drum kit to get people dancing. The result? Partygrass: music you can dance to without having to strain to hear your friends.

Jackass Flats can adapt their look and repertoire to fit the scope of your event. With multi-instrumentalists across the stage, versatility is their hallmark. Want a certain song played? They'll do their best to learn it. Prefer Mumford and Sons and Johnny Cash to Earl Scruggs and Bill Monroe, or vice versa? They can fill their set with partygrass versions of rock, pop, and country songs or pick out a night full of traditional bluegrass. Booking Jackass Flats for a wedding reception? Everyone in the band can tie a tie. Throwing a backyard barbecue? Their jeans and boots will fit right in.

If you want the energy of your event turned up without wishing that you could turn the music down, you should join the happy couples, planners, companies, and colleges that can count themselves as converts to the partygrass sound of Jackass Flats. Will you join the party?